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Alfred Ashford suffers from many, many mental issues that have been confirmed by canon; these issues include but are not limited to dissociative tendencies, elaborate hallucinations (visual and aural), delusions, abandonment issues, parental issues, and a tendency toward incestuous behavior with his twin sister, Alexia. He's also a crossdresser who takes on "Alexia's" identity from time to time. Furthermore, due to Code: Veronica being a reasonably old game (it came out in 2000) and being part of the Resident Evil franchise in general (which is not known for its accuracy and sensitivity as a whole), there are a lot of aspects of the way things are handled in canon that people might find problematic. I'm aware that the canon itself might be offensive or upsetting to some, but as a player, I don't want to make people uncomfortable; as such, I'm putting this up as a way for people to let me know what can and can't be discussed.

While tagging out, the threads initiated will be as Alfred by default, unless I've gotten explicit permission from people to tag them as "Alexia"; "Alexia" will likely be present in more than a few of his posts, however (including his intro), as she's an integral part of his personality. The incestuous tendencies will be left out of posts entirely and won't come up in threads unless those threads are deliberately steered in that direction. His mental issues won't be mentioned by him directly, either, as he prefers to keep that hidden as best he can; by default, I'll avoid mention of them in brackets unless I know for a fact that the player is okay with them being brought up, but it's likely going to be incredibly obvious to most that he's more than slightly off, no matter what precautions are taken.

If there's anything you'd like to let me know about in general, feel free to do so here; if you would prefer I not tag you at all, that's also perfectly okay! I don't mind, I won't be offended, and I'll respect your wishes.

All comments are screened!
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"State your business in fifteen words or less; if it's important, I'll call you back."

[Please state in the subject line if OOC planning is preferred and we can handwave like the wind, but otherwise IC will be assumed!]
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So it's been made clear by some...friends of mine that I should probably sell the results of my breeding endeavors rather than attempting to keep them in hopes that they'll someday completely defy my expectations and actually be useful.

[I mean, he can't possibly imagine why. It's not like his fault that Operation: Ho-Ho-Holy Shit (or whatever it is that we're calling that thing that happened in Celadon earlier this month) involved an unholy mess of bees for no real reason.]

I've attached a list of what I have; get back to me if you're interested. I'd prefer trades over flat-out payment, though I certainly won't tell you no if you want to send me money instead. I don't particularly care what you do with them – give them to your friends, sell them at a profit, keep them and love them forever, whatever. I'd just prefer to not have them around for much longer than needs be.



[Egg list is here - there are still a mess of them so feel free to claim what you like!]
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[Alfred has been a bit...absent for the last week.

It's not unheard of for him to disappear for long periods at a time, vanishing behind the closed doors of that house he owns in Goldenrod; he's been known to have his reclusive spells, and for all intents and purposes this probably hasn't seemed much different. Granted, it's a longer period of time than he usually goes without being present in the Rocket labs – he's usually in there once every few days at least and he's been taking far more of an interest in chemistry than is really healthy lately – but altogether speaking it isn't abnormal, either.

The abnormal part kicks in when his video feed goes active today.

It's not terribly well set-up, though it doesn't seem like an accidental broadcast, either; the angle is just careless, aimed a bit too low to really give anyone a good idea of what they're looking at, but there's the usual red jacket and the shoulder guard and the medals, and once in a while one of his hands flicking across the screen where it comes in full view of the camera.

His breath is shaking a bit when he draws it in; it sounds almost like there's a laugh behind his words when he finally speaks, but it doesn't seem...right. The way he's speaking in general doesn't seem right, really - a bit too uncontrolled, a bit too high and pitchy and strange.]

So I'm going to assume that this particular week-long bout of sleep was just me...

[He laughs again, under his breath; it's closer to tittering than anything.]

That wasn't very nice of this place, now, was it? Why, it got my hopes up for nothing...I didn't even get to fight anything good, just –

[And he cuts himself off then; hesitates. Adjusts the angle of the camera so he's a bit more clearly seen. He's raking his hand back through his hair as he does so; it looks like he's been repeating that gesture a lot, given that he's far more disheveled than he ever allows himself to be on-camera.

His gaze is what's a bit worrying; it's oddly unfocused, a sense of distance there that isn't usually, not on days where anything's right in his head at all.

His words are still retaining that rushed, manic tone when he continues.]

Tell me, tell me – what's the last thing you remember before coming here? I'm sure you have some sort of story, just because no one here doesn't.

I didn't think I did, not really; apparently I was mistaken about that.
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So does this place just hate autumn? Really, last year this place did some horrid things around this time as well; I'm starting to think it's just an annual occurrence.

[Alfred, no one asked you.

That said, he's currently sitting in one of those Nondescript RoomsTM that seem to be all the rage around here; he's got the device set up on the desk in front of him, and he's got his chin propped in one of his hands, looking almost bored despite his words.]

That said, it's the second time in less than a week that the ground has felt the need to throw everything into disarray, it's incredibly irritating...

[He pauses before picking something up from the desk in front of him, too close to the 'Gear to be picked up by the camera; he turns it over in his fingers as though considering it for a moment before holding it up in view of the lens. It looks like a pink crystal of some sort, and while it's not doing anything particularly special (outside of being kind of pretty maybe), his tone is clipped when he speaks again.]

I don't know if it's related, but these things are acting strangely and it's been making Lady very upset. Tell me if you have one.

[...not that he's going to specify who Lady is before turning the device off, but okay.]
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So it seems that the running theme on the network this summer is "We're all terrible people and/or have no idea how to handle ourselves in groups." Good to know, I suppose.

Since I'm particularly bored but otherwise actually am having a very good day today (thank you very much), maybe all of you can regale me with some of that optimism you seem to like so much. Or you can be needlessly pessimistic, I don't really care. I just want to hear stories.

So why don't you talk about something you've accomplished since you've been here? I don't care how important it is in the scheme of things. Just something you've gotten done.

Since I'm sure somebody is going to ask for my reasoning in asking, I'm coming up on a year of being here, though I still have some time yet. I suppose this sort of thing is on my mind.


Egregious animal cruelty again, because of course. )
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Is there a way to make yourself stop thinking about someone that obviously isn't worth your time?

I feel like I've done everything I can to deal with the situation, so it's not like business is unfinished. And before you suggest forgiveness or something stupid like that, it isn't an option after what this person did, so don't bother. I just can't let this go for whatever reason and it's getting inconvenient and stupid and I'd rather not deal with it anymore, but deciding that you're not going to think about something is a waste of time for obvious reasons.

I don't care if I never stop hating them. I just want to stop thinking about it, and if I could cut out whatever part of my brain is responsible for that, I would.


In which there is really blatant animal cruelty in this Rocket base. )
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[Anonymous Text]

[The text that hits the device tonight is the sort that obviously comes from some sort of hacked ID - it's poorly done, but at the same time well-done enough that you're just going to get a lot of static and glitching if you're going to try to work out who it is. More of an obviously anon setting than a device that's pretending to belong to someone else, basically.]

Tell me about recurring dreams you've had.

Not necessarily nightmares, though I suppose those are fine. Just those dreams you've had over and over again, the ones your mind keeps coming back to.

If you're expecting psychoanalysis you won't get it, since I'm not being paid nearly well enough to do that for the lot of you and I've no interest in it besides. I'm just interested in talking and hoping you'll say something interesting.

[...okay then.]

[Action - Goldenrod City]

[Well, abrasive texts or not, Alfred can actually be found outside today; it's warm today (even if his internal clock is still yelling at him that it shouldn't be, and he is never going to get used to the damn weather in this hemisphere) and he's taking the opportunity to spend time in the park, watching his Poké Are they playing? It looks like they might be; it's either that or it's a level one slapfight that's more ineffectual than anything, between a Sewaddle and what looks to be a male Combee.

After a bit of watching it'll become clear that this is, in fact, a slapfight, and one that the poor Sewaddle is not going to be winning; it keeps getting a shot of Gust in the face and unfortunately Tackle isn't landing too well right now, due to the abovementioned...well, Gusting to the face, and after a few rounds of this the Sewaddle is basically ending up spending more time kind of lying on the ground in a universally understood gesture of "I have run out of fucks to give" rather than actually fighting.

Alfred, unfortunately, seems to be taking no pity whatsoever on the poor damn thing - he's sitting on one of the benches nearby, leaning idly over his legs where they're crossed at the knee, chin propped in his hand while he watches; he's also got at least one bug he's not particularly interested in deathmatching, if the ever-present Joltik on his shoulder is any indication. As it is, said Joltik apparently gives no fucks about what's going on and Alfred himself just sort of rolls his eyes when the Sewaddle flops over, reaching out for the bag he's got with him and spraying it in the face with a Potion.]

Oh, no, you don't. Get back in there.

[Alfred, that thing is going to hate you before it even reaches level 5, what are you doing.]
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[Alfred actually seems pretty calm over the video feed today - and it is Alfred today, as opposed to Alexia; it's overcast but it's warm enough, and he's currently settled under one of the trees in Ilex Forest. He's not looking at the camera, but rather his gaze is downcast, focused on the...thing he's got draped over his lap. No, it's not one of the Bloobers, but admittedly a three-eyed pink slug the size of a fairly large dog with a naturally-occurring Viking helmet isn't much better, because what in the good hell is having normal pets.

At least he's smiling, kinda. For once.]


[And from that one word alone, we are clearly in for a bit of a story. Why? Because why not, that's why. Just let him pet his giant sea slug and talk for a while, okay, don't crush his dreams.]

Once upon a time in a faraway country - as so many of these stories tend to begin - there was a King who was noted for his benevolence and charity to all his subjects. He was loved by all who knew him, which was fortunate for him, really, as he was also naive and, while well-meaning, easily taken advantage of.

A short time into his rule, he took a bride; the Queen he chose - for reasons that were surely only known by him - was one who was notoriously cold and had a reputation for being nasty in personality, and was just generally difficult to get along with. The respect she commanded was gained through fear, not love; it seemed no one loved her but the King, in fact.

[He pauses for a moment, tipping his head a bit before going back to petting the slug.]

To his credit, he loved her completely.

[That's better, apparently.]

Now, the King had a tendency to take walks through the garden every morning at a precise time, such that he could have an hour or so to himself every day before seeing to his duties as the ruler of the country. Which is well and good...until one morning, when he didn't return.

He was found a short while later, lying dead in that garden he loved so much, a single arrow piercing his heart.

[...okay, judging by this pause here, either he's collecting himself or the damn thing literally ends there; let's have a moment and pray that he's seriously not - ]

...You know, I've never known it to have an ending outside of that; that's always how I've known the story to go.

I suppose that's why I've always liked it so much, really; the ending can be taken any number of ways, depending on how you feel that day.

[Goddamn it, Alfred.]

It's one of those weird stories where I don't know where it came from, though...I mean, I suppose my father had to have told me at some point, since I can't imagine the scientists telling me anything of the sort - but I've no idea where he got it, if that's the case. My sister and I both know a version of the same story put to music; I just don't remember hearing it.


Is that common, do you think? Having something that you've known for so long that you don't remember where it came from, and it's strange for you to try to imagine there being a time where you didn't know it...?
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[You know, this is really the sort of thing that most would want to leave anonymous...but since Alfred has surveyed the available fucks he has to give and found them numbering entirely too many, he seems to have thrown them out in the window in favor of just being an abrasive idiot because he is the pride of the Ashford family like that.]

Well, since you all like text, I thought I would join you all because I was starting to feel a little left out. And we certainly can't have that, now, can we?

So we've had people trying to get the resident Hero Squad moving, people trying to poke the resident Villain Squad into doing...something and somesuch, I really have no idea what's going on there...

Do any of you people actually do things, or do you just kind of poke at each other? Some explosions here, shameless grandstanding there, assaulting a theatre and tying up women over there (though that last one isn't so much a crime as it is too much information about you people, I think)...

Are you going to actually get some sort of full-scale battling going on, or are you content to just tap at each other a bit? Really, at this rate I propose the formation of the Disinterested But Somewhat Amused Third Party in the name of messing with you both.

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[As with the last post to the network from this particular frequency, the voice that comes over the feed is soft but firm; it seems that she's not exactly in the mood to waste too many words today.]

I'm looking for information on Pokémon that are geared more towards protection, particularly of their trainer. It seems my brother has been more accident-prone than usual, and I would like to avoid finding out about any more...mishaps that he's caused.


[A while after that goes out, there's a second message locked down to the Rockets; judging from the sigh that precludes it, it's looking to be a winner, let me tell you.]

You know, this place is awfully vague about who we're supposed to be testing on.

[...Seriously, Alexia is just a veritable ray of sunshine today; she sounds rather bored, and those in the labs can see her making the damn post at the table she's sitting at, chin propped in gloved hand.

Her other hand has been lying idle in her lap far more than usual, and she's been seeming rather averse to using it, but that's clearly neither here nor there right now.]

I mean, outside of the data my brother has so kindly provided me with, I've no idea who to turn to when it comes to actually wanting to test certain hypotheses - am I to assume some of you will just volunteer yourselves, no matter how questionable the test, or is there some other alternative?

After all, we're a villainous organization, aren't we? Is there anyone I can hire to...I don't know, kidnap a child or something?
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[A - Daytime.]

[After the first night in the castle, Alfred has been way over on the subdued side; he's been avoiding most people and he's jumpy as hell when approached. The armory was disappointing - he's strictly a ranged-weapon sort of person, though at the same time he found that it's quite stupid for him to not take anything; he's got daggers on him for the time being, and if all else absolutely fails throwing one's blades is always an option, albeit a stupid one.

During the day, he's been spending a lot of time in that star chamber; he finds it calming, relaxing in ways he can't really explain, and his willingness to leave it is reasonably low. Oh, he's seen two sigil doors, and he's aware of the pink mark on the back of his hand; that doesn't mean he knows what to do with the damn things.]

[B - Nighttime.]

[At night, however...

There's a thing that's been in the corner of his vision since the first night - never really advancing, but always present. When he can see it properly, it resembles a man with arms that end in claws and wrapped up in a shroud, an enlarged, exposed heart just visible through tears in the fabric, pulsating slow and steady; whenever he turns to look, it's never really there, but as soon as it fades he can hear the screaming - the nails-on-chalkboard sound ripping out of the creature's own throat, accompanied by a higher-pitched sound that's most definitely a woman, and none of it is anything he really wants to dwell on.

One of these nights, he snaps; it's in the crystal study, and he's backed up against one of the cases, breathing heavily and shaking, and while the thing doesn't seem about to attack him, it is getting rather close.]

I-I didn't do anything but what you deserved...I gave you what you deserved!

[The thing snarls at him; he's quick to jerk back, rattling the case behind him hard.]

I don't know what you want from me - I did...I did what I was supposed to...

[And he's feeling for the dagger at his side, but he doesn't seem quite able to grip it properly, much less do anything useful with it.]

Didn't I?!

[...It's a bit hard to know what in the good fuck he's going on about; either way, however, it's clearly not good...]

[OOC - take your pick on whatever you want to do with this one, and if you want to go with something else entirely I'm good for that as well; just specify A, B or whatever it is you want in the comment subject!

ALSO if you need a pink sigil, this idiot's got one.]
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[There's an anonymous text hitting the network sometime after the clock rolls over to the fourteenth of the month; it's one of those hours that's either extremely early or extremely late, depending on one's point of view. The ID is an unknown one, of the sort that's obviously hacked-together but poorly-done; at the same time, its owner isn't exactly caring about quality right now.]

If anyone is still alive, send me something. A message, a story, some stupid file you have lying around, I don't care. Some sort of contact. Who I am doesn't matter. I don't care if we've never spoken before.

Just send me something. Anything.

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[There's a new signal broadcasting tonight; no video, but a decidedly feminine voice coming over the feed, soft but firm and to-the-point in tone.]

While I've realized that there's likely no chance of going home - not anytime soon - the opportunities this place has offered are completely subpar.

Are there any opportunities for advancement or employment in this world that don't involve hideous amounts of travel or retail work? I'm horribly overqualified for the latter, and the former...

Let's say I'd prefer to avoid it; it's been such a long time since I've done anything of the sort.



[It's been a little while since we've had a newcomer to the Rocket science labs; there's certainly a new one in there today - a woman in the standard-issued Rocket uniform, being followed around by a massive and rather...unstealthy metal ant. Most of her long blonde hair is tied back simply to keep it out of her face, though she's got bangs brushing low over her forehead and light makeup dusted over her features; she seems to be annoyed by that incredibly short and mildly kicky skirt when she moves, one of her hands sweeping down as though to ensure the skirt is staying down, but other than that she seems pretty comfortable in her surroundings. She's not questioning what she's been told to do for now, even if data entry is still more than a little below her; after all, access to the database is definitely a good thing.

As such, there's not much entering of data getting done today; she's a bit enthralled by the reports of what happened in July of 2012. There's nothing too extensive in there, but it's just extensive enough...

Of course, she can be found elsewhere in the base as well, as the day wears on; she's a bit hard to miss, what with the metal ant rather loudly gashunking along next to her. She seems generally in control, though it's evident from the way that she pauses once in a while, bringing a gloved hand up in front of her mouth as though contemplating something and looking down the hallways before seeming to think better of exploring them, that she's...more than a little lost, um.

New people, pretty much.]


Sep. 7th, 2013 07:32 pm
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So, how has your RPing experience been with Alfred so far - good, bad, aggressively mediocre? Here's where you can tell me! I'm always striving to improve, so feel free to crit as much as you like!

Things to possibly offer crit on:

+ Character Voice: Is his dialogue appropriate for his character, and does it sound like something he would conceivably say? Am I off in terms of slang usage or character-specific terms? Have I been calling your character by the wrong thing entirely (using a name instead of a title or the other way around, etc)? Is he being too antagonistic? Not antagonistic enough? Is he too vague, or hitting your character over the head with all the subtlety of an anvil tied to an oncoming train at a time when that would not be appropriate?

+ Character Actions: Are the physical actions I'm describing logical and...well, physically possible? Are the situations that I'm utilizing in posts reasonably in-character? Is he treating your character in ways that are consistent with their CR, or has he been acting strangely toward them for seemingly no reason?

+ Tag Content: Am I giving you enough to respond to? Am I giving too much by overloading with dialogue or descriptions? Am I being too vague about the direction of a thread and causing it to meander around aimlessly, or does it feel like I'm going the other way entirely and trying to direct or force our CR?

+ Other Tagging Problems: Do I frequently miss the point or make stupid mistakes while tagging? Has there been derpy grammar, unclear phrasing, accidental godmode battling, things in action brackets that cause a tremendous WHAT THE HELL response, or the like?

...or it's entirely possible that you just really liked that last thread we did and want to tell me. That's perfectly cool as well!

Comments are screened; anon commenting is on, IP logging is off.

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